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Maxton / The Car

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Sports cars, in their purest form, are meant to be simple, agile, and fun. These essential qualities, missing in today’s “Sport Sedans” and “Sporting Convertibles”, have returned with a purpose in the Maxton Rollerskate. And, state-of-the-art advancements chassis design, brakes, electrical systems, tires and overall structure assure that contemporary reliability will enhance the visceral joy that comes form the Rollerskate’s brilliant performance.

The spirit of the true sports car lives on in this exhilarating machine.


Maxton personnel come from road racing backgrounds Everything on the Rollerskate has been designed and built to race car standards, and many miles of brutal on-track testing have resulted in a road car that excels in performance, comfort, and safety.

The ride, fit and comfort, however, have not been compromised. This is an automobile in which you will want to spend many pleasant hours.

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